Matsue Takiyo




In the land where Takiyo was born, magic users are sought out by the local lord. Those that show promise are taken from their families and brought to the capitol to be trained. In exchange the families are honored by the clan and our given exemption from taxes and tithes. Takiyo showed great proficiency in air magic and was taken to train. There he studied for many years becoming a minor member of the lord’s court. This would change dramatically when he accidently thwarted an assassination attempt on the lord’s son. His magic sense detected an assassin, magicly cloaked in shadow, and he was able to raise the alarm before the lord’s soon could be slain. This put him in the lord’s good graces and he soon found himself a regular member of the lord’s court.

He was trained in dipolomacy and tactics. Eventually it became clear that he was being groomed to be an advisor to the lord’s soon, who was brave but more than a little bit impulsive. This unfortunately never came to pass. A neighboring land had become quite strong, swallowing up the adjacent territories. The local lord received an ultimatum, veiled as an invitation: he and his sons were to come visit the neighboring land as ‘guests’. There they would remain. Knowing that refusal would mean the destruction of his lands, the lord and his sons set out, leaving a note releasing Takiyo from his duties. A steward was appointed in the lord’s absence. One who did not much care for Takiyo. Unable to openly dispose of a trusted servant of the local lord’s, he instead had him sent to a backwater town on the important business of safeguarding the land’s supplies.

Being a representative from the capitol of the region made him somewhat of a leader. This combined with his previous training has given him some experience with leadership. Additionally the events accompanying his master’s predicament have eroded some of his suppport for the way things are done and shifted his alignment from lawful.

Matsue Takiyo

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